Matt Rockefeller

Hey there! I am a Freelance Illustrator/ Visual Development Artist recently graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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  1. Here is the last part of my thesis! I’ve included several iterations of sketches, since it changed so much from the initial thumbnail.

    This one is based off of the folktale, “The Search for the Magic Lake,” which originates from Ecuador.

    The emperor’s son is sick and on his deathbed, so he asks his people to retrieve water from the ‘lake at the edge of the world’ (it is said to have healing properties.) After all of her brothers fail and are thrown in jail, the farmer’s daughter takes the journey herself. With her unbounded courage, she gets the job done with some guidance of the sparrows and the fan they make from their feathers. With its magic, she is able to protect herself from the monsters that guard the lake and successfully save the son of the emperor!

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