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Hey there! I am a Freelance Illustrator/ Visual Development Artist recently graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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  1. Here’s a giant (haha pun) sketch dump to show that yes I have been working on the second half of my thesis! This semester, i am doing a visual development project to flesh out a new story idea- Dragonfly Holiday. Think of it as a modern myth/ legend that takes place in the realm of American folklore (united states).  Designs, names, and colors are still a work in progress but from left to right the characters are:

    3 Troubles (of various sizes)- these are manifestations of people’s problems and they come in many variations (as seen in the sketches) Unseen to the ordinary eye, they love to wreak havoc in their environment, and their actions cause many natural disasters (i.e landslides, wildfires, drought, disease, etc.)

    Carl - the worrisome and often prophetic campground host of Rainbow Campground and Dragonfly Lake.

    Penny - the story’s protagonist! After this goal oriented girl’s career in socialwork comes to a dead end, her dad suggests a camping trip to a distant mountain to blow off some steam.

    Paul Bunyan - The quirky and warm-hearted giant of legend, Paul has retired and settled down with another of his kind and taught her how he coexists with humans.

    Lucette - Paul’s companion and friend -Lucette is distant and cold. She has perfected her ability to fight troubles and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

    Babe - Paul’s blue ox is an all around good guy, but he wasn’t always blue.

    Sorry for the long post! There’s a ton more to come, so stay tuned!

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